Friday, March 28, 2008

Today's trifecta

It's about that time. I saw this painting today and liked it. Spring? Nah.


Lisa said...

your photos of the snow are lovely. how are you feeling about it? I lived in rochester, ny for two years and was thrilled by every snow (I was a dorky so-cal girl) EXCEPT when april rolled around. I was awed by those people who accepted the weather for the unexpected, uncontrollable thing that it was. however, I myself had a mini temper tantrum each snow past mar 15, swearing I was being robbed by the universe of budding trees and daffodils! then spring would come and there was nothing like it anywhere! anywhere!

Orange Pattern said...

Haha. Yes, most get annoyed by the late snowfall. I like it. It covers the brown. I AM, however, anxious for the summer. Summers in VT are amazing.

Stukey said...

lake champlain. boating. summer is good. South Beach? ;)